I.V. Gorgan, A.E. Mayorov, R.A. Chernobay, S.N. Denisov, P.I. Skopin, Yu.A. Skopina

N.P. Ogarev National Research Mordovian State University, Saransk

Gorgan Irina V. ― research engineer of the Department of Oncology with a course of radiation diagnostics and radiation therapy of the Medical Institute of N.P. Ogarev National Research Mordovian State University

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Abstract. The stomach is a relatively rare site of breast cancer metastasis, and it can be very difficult to distinguish breast cancer metastases from primary gastric cancer based on clinical, endoscopic, radiological, and histopathological features. It is also worth remembering the likelihood of developing primary multiple malignant tumors. This article presents a clinical case of a presumed lesion of the stomach in breast cancer. Of particular interest is the manifestation of the process from the gastrointestinal tract, which forced the patient to seek medical help.

Key words: breast cancer, gastric cancer, primary multiple malignant neoplasms, metastasis, differential diagnosis, immunohistochemical study, clinical case.