A.N. Soloveva1, E.A. Lozhkin2, N.A. Kiryanov1

1Izhevsk State Medical Academy, Izhevsk

2Republican Clinical Oncology Dispensary, Izhevsk

Kiryanov Nikolay A. ― Doct. of Sci. (Med.), Professor, Head of the Department of Pathological Anatomy of the Izhevsk State Medical Academy

85 Votkinskoe Highway, Izhevsk, 426039, Russian Federation, tel. (3412) 46-86-53, e-mail:, SPIN-код: 6317-8457, ORCID ID: 0000-0001-6944-2083

Abstract. An example of parathyroid cancer with a reliable pathomorphological picture, signs of invasive growth and vascular invasion is given. The immunohistochemical profile of the tumor is presented, which made it possible to determine the degree of malignancy of this neoplasm. It was shown that the development of the tumor was accompanied manifest bone form of hyperparathyreosis. Timely diagnosis and removal of the tumor led to positive results, and after a few years the patient feels satisfactorily.

Key words: parathyroid cancer, morphology, prognosis, disease outcome.