O.N. Lipatov1,2, R.R. Rakhimov1, A.V. Sultanbaev1, R.R. Abdeev1, A.F. Bikmetov1, M.R. Zakareev1, V.A. Suravatkin2

1Republican Clinical Oncological Dispensary, Ufa

2Bashkir State Medical University, Ufa

Rakhimov Radmir R. ― PhD (Medicine), oncologist of the Republican Clinical Oncological Dispensary

73/1 Oktyabrya Ave., Ufa, Russian Federation, 450054, tel. +7-917-731-33-75, e-mail:


The aim of this study is to reflect the main results of treatment of metastatic gastric cancer with ramucirumab with an analysis of the effectiveness and safety of this medication.

Material and methods. We searched for publications in the PubMed system since 2014 to 2020.

Results. This literature review presents clinical cases of successful treatment of advanced gastric cancer, as well as describes the main side effects of this drug, and methods for reducing their manifestation. Rare complications requiring surgical intervention have been disclosed.

Conclusion. This literature review highlights the effectiveness of the combined regimen of ramucirumab with paclitaxel in selective patients with metastatic gastric cancer. Further search for biomarkers and prognostic markers of the effectiveness of this medication should be continued. However, we should not forget about the side effects and possible serious complications that require surgical correction, this regimen of anticancer therapy.

Key words: gastric cancer, ramucirumab, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, аntiangiogenic therapy.