M.A. Кhasanova, G.G. Chanysheva

Republican Clinical Oncology Dispensary of Ministry of Healthcare of Tatarstan Republic named after prof. M.Z. Sigal, Kazan

Khasanova Marina A. ― laboratory assistant of the Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory of the Republican Clinical Oncology Dispensary of Ministry of Healthcare of Tatarstan Republic named after prof. M.Z. Sigal

29 Sibirskiy Tract, Kazan, 420029, Russian Federation, tel. +7-937-285-65-06, e-mail:


Purpose. The work was aimed at analyzing the fecal occult blood (FOB) test results obtained during oncoscreening for colorectal cancer due to prophylactic medical examination of the population of some municipal districts of the Republic of Tatarstan (RT) in 2018 and 2019, as well as assessing the distribution of the examined patients by gender, age, and pathology detectability for different RT regions.

Material and methods. Materials for examination were stool samples taken into special vials manufactured by Sentinel Diagnostics (Italy). Materials were taken in laboratories of regional hospitals and outpatient departments. Fecal occult blood tests were performed on a AU-680 and AU-480 Beckman Coulter biochemical analyzers in the RT oncology dispensary laboratory by the immunochemical (immunoturbodimetric latex) method for quantitative determination of hemoglobin content in the stool. The reagents were supplied by Sentinel FOB Gold NG. Reference values were 0–50 ng/ml.

Results. A comparative analysis of the data for two years showed the increase in inclusion of population into prophylactic medical examination from 4,2% up to 6,9% predominantly thanks to women, as well as the decrease in the revealed FOB pathology from 8,7% down to 7,7% both within men and women. The maximum increase in the amount of the examined population from 8,5% in 2018 up to 18,3% in 2019 occurred in the Atninsky municipal district. The averaged maximum abnormal level within women (12,1%) was revealed in the Vysokogorsky municipal district, but within men (16,0%) — in the Sabinsky municipal district. A two-fold increase in the abnormal level within men occurred in the Alkeyevsky, Buinsky, and Sarmanovsky municipal districts, but within women — in the Kaybitsky municipal district. Most frequently, for every fourth patient in average, exceeded reference values were observed for the total age of 60-69 and more then 70. For the age of 50-59, a permanently low abnormal level was revealed both within men (2% in 2018 and 3% in 2019) and women (3% and 3% respectively). The abnormal level over the average for the Republic within men of the age of 40-49 was revealed in seven municipal districts. The abnormal level over the average was observed within all population of the age of 40 to 50 in the Apastovsky municipal district. A positive dynamics (a decrease in pathology level below the average) within population of all age groups was observed in four municipal districts (the Drozhzhanovsky, Rybno-Slobodsky, Sarmanovsky, and Mamadyshsky districts).

Key words: prophylactic medical examination, screening, fetal occult blood (FOB), colorectal cancer, RT municipal districts.