A.R. Savinova1, I.G. Gataullin2

1Tatarstan Cancer Center, Kazan

2Kazan State Medical Academy ― Branch Campus of the FSBEI FPE RMACPE MOH Russia, Kazan

Savinova Aigul R. ― oncologist of the Department of Oncology №10 or the Tatarstan Cancer Center

29 Sibirskiy Trakt, Kazan, Russian Federation, 420029, tel. +7-950-313-99-99, e-mail:, ORCID: 0000-0001-7048-4125


Aim ― to develop and implement in clinical practice a computer program to diagnose the preclinical manifestation of ovarian cancer recurrence, after primary cytoreductive surgery and first-line platinum-based chemotherapy, by calculating an individual risk index for ovarian cancer recurrence.

Material and methods. Based on the previously developed and patented ARRNO Score, a computer program was developed with the following characteristics: type of computer IBM PC compatible personal computer, programming language C# or C Sharp, type and version of the operating system Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, the hardware requirement processor 1GHz RAM 512 Mb, support for Net Framework 3 is required. 5; the software volume for the computer is 76.3 Kb. Following individual parameters are given at entrance: stage of disease, grade of tumour differentiation, histotype, presence or absence of residual tumour on ultrasound after treatment, CA-125 level before treatment, and HE-4 level after treatment. Based on those parameters, the program calculates the individual risk of ovarian cancer relapse.

Results. The article presents some examples of the application of this program in patients after the completion of first-line combined therapy and the results of monitoring of patients' during several years.

Conclusion. Integration of the «Algorithm Of The Assessment Of Risk Of Relapse Of Neoplasm Ovary Score» computer program into the dynamic patient monitoring plan after the end of the first line therapy will make it possible to correct the follow-up plan of the patient and take timely preventive measures against the recurrence of ovarian cancer.

Key words: risk assessment program, ovarian cancer, ovarian cancer relapse.