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F.Sh. Akhmetzyanov1,2, V.I. Egorov1,2, F.F. Akhmetzyanova1,2

1Kazan State Medical University, Kazan

2Tatarstan Cancer Center, Kazan

Akhmetzyanov F.Sh. ― D. Med. Sc., Professor, Head of the Department of Oncology, radiation diagnosis and radiotherapy of the Kazan State Medical University

49 Butlerov Str., Kazan, Russian Federation, 420012, tel.: (843) 292-45-29, +7-917-254-50-86, e-mail:



To study the efficiency of the aspiration drainage of the pelvic cavity by the method developed by the authors for the conservative treatment of colorectal anastomosis leak.

Material and methods. The data of 145 patients operated in two surgical wards Tatarstan Cancer Center, who completed the formation of retroperitoneal surgery for colorectal anastomosis was performed and suction drainage cavity pelvic Winternitz drainage design authors, installed in the retroperitoneal part of the pelvic cavity through a puncture in the anterior abdominal wall. No patient preventive or curative intestinal stoma is not imposed.

Results. In 23 patients, suture failure occurred colorectal anastomosis (15.9%), all managed to solve it in a conservative manner.

Key words: rectal cancer, colorectal anastomosis leak, purulent-septic complications, suction drainage, drainage «pipe in pipe».