Abstract. Clinical observation of autosomal dominantly inherited disorder ― von Hippel ― Lindau disease are shown in the article. The disease is characterized by the development of various tumors including tumors of the retinal and central nervous system, haemangioblastomas, clear cell renal carcinoma and phaeochromocytomas. It was noted the clinical manifestations of the disease, the distinctive features of diagnosis and treatment.

Key words: disease von Hippel ― Lindau, clinical manifestations, kidney cancer, retinoblastoma, magnetic resonance imaging


Yu.V. Safronova, D.V. Glukhov, S.S. Strukova, N.M. Suzdalev, O.V. Melnikov, K.A. Pashinin, G.A. Safronov

Orenburg Regional Clinical Oncology Center, Orenburg


Safronova Yu.V. ― radiologist of the computer tomography cabinet of the Orenburg Regional Clinical Oncology Center

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