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S.P. Dmitriev, D.A. Chichevatov, E.N. Sinev
Regional Oncology Health Center, Penza
Penza Institute of Post-graduate Medical Education

Dmitriev S.P. ― surgeon-oncologist on the profile of head and neck tumors of the Outpatient Department of Regional Oncology Health Center
37A Stroiteley Pr., Penza, Russian Federation, 440071, tel. (8412) 41-30-55, e-mail:

Abstract. Head and neck cancer still remains a challenge problem because of multiple unclear approaches in the treatment. One of the most effective methods of treatment of tumors of this localization is intra-arterial chemotherapy. There are numerous techniques of catheterization of the arteries and drugs introduction. The multicenter study has been done, but the role of regional chemotherapy requires further studing. The survey shows the evolution of approaches and methods of regional chemotherapy of the head and neck cancer.

Key words: regional chemotherapy, head and neck tumors, chemoradiation therapy.