V.V. Tkachev1, A.V. Dunaev2, T.M. Girdaladze2, M.A. Senchukova1,2

1Orenburg Regional Clinical Oncology Center, Orenburg

2Orenburg State Medical University, Orenburg

 Tkachev V.V. ― Head of the head and neck tumor department of the Orenburg Regional Clinical Oncology Center

11 Gagarin Pr., Orenburg, Russian Federation, 460021, tel.: (3532) 68-08-56, +7-905-893-27-05, e-mail:


The aim of the study is a comparative analysis of morbidity and mortality from thyroid cancer (TC) and to assess the state of the oncological care for patients with this pathology in the Orenburg region, the Privolzhsky Federal District (FD) and the Russian Federation (RF) in 2007-2016.

Material and methods. Statistical analysis of the data of P.A. Herzen Moscow Oncology Research Institute and the annual reports of the head and neck tumor department of the Orenburg Regional Clinical Oncology Center for 2007-2016 was conducted using the program of Statistica 10.

Results. In 2016, the incidence of TC was 5,930/0000 in the Russian Federation (13 place in the structure of cancer morbidity) and 4,960/0000 in the Orenburg region (33 place among Russian regions). The highest incidence rates of TC were observed in the northern districts, and the lowest ― in the southern (7.04±2.970/0000, 5.1±2.370/0000 and 4.9±2.110/0000, respectively in northern, central and southern FD, p=0.017). During the last 10 years, the incidence of TC has increased both in the RF (by 23.81%) and in the Orenburg region (by 23.38%), whereas the mortality from this pathology has decreased by 7% in the RF, and increased by 85% in the Orenburg region since 2011. In general, in the Orenburg Region the mortality rates from TC were almost 2 times higher than in RF (0.910/0000 and 0.510/0000, respectively). The diagnostics of the TC tat the first stage was one of the lowest in the RF (23.7% and 55.4%, respectively, 78th  place) and was significantly higher when the III-IV stages (37.4% and 23.2%, respectively). The one-year mortality rate and the nature of the performed surgical and combined treatment methods were comparable to all-Russian ones.

Conclusion. The results indicate the need to improve the work of the primary medical unit for the improvement of early diagnosis of TC.

Key words: thyroid cancer, cancer care.