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Current issue of the magazine. Volume 13, N1. 2022 г.

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Clinical research and experience in oncology

I.S. Panchenko, V.V. Rodionov, O.V. Burmenskaya, V.V. Kometova, V.K. Bozhenko, M.G. Sharafutdinov, S.V. Panchenko, L.V. Matveeva
Clinical and morphological features of molecular-genetic clusters in triple negative breast cancer
S.V. Zinchenko, N.F. Muratov, N.A. Shanazarov, A.V. Avdeev
Methodology of literary search on the example of patients with tumors of the parotid salivary glands with facial nerve damage after radical surgery

Literature review

L.Kh. Mukhamatgaleeva, D.V. Pasynkov, А.Yu. Zuev, O.A. Pavlikova, I.V. Klyushkin, A.L. Fedorov
Malignant adenomyoepithelioma of the breast: a case report and the review of the literature
E.Yu. Mingalimova, S.V. Zinchenko, R.Sh. Khasanov, L.I. Khaertdinov
On the issue of early postoperative complications in a multidisciplinary oncological hospital (literature review)
K.V. Menshikov, A.V. Sultanbaev, Sh.I. Musin, I.R. Rakhmatullina, I.A. Menshikova, L.A. Khammatova, E.V. Popova, N.I. Sultanbaeva, D.O. Lipatov
Possibilities of combined immunotargeted therapy for metastatic renal cell carcinoma. Literature review
D.K. Misiev, I.S. Malkov
Enteral insuffi ciency in the pathogenesis of acute intestinal obstruction and methods of its correction (literature review)

Clinical case 

K.V. Menshikov, A.V. Sultanbaev, Sh.I. Musin, I.A. Sharifgaleev, I.A. Menshikova, N.I. Sultanbaeva, A.A. Izmailov
Possibilities of the second line of therapy for metastatic renal cell carcinoma. Clinical case

History of oncology

S.V. Zinchenko, I.M. Fatkhutdinov, D.А. Akhmadeeva
History of local anesthesia


70 years of Evgeniy Iosifovich Sigal
70 years of Boris Ivanovich Dolgushin