Morbidity and mortality from malignant tumors in the Aran economic region of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2018

R.A. Gasymov1,2

1Central District Hospital, Agjabedi, The Republic of Azerbaijan

2National Center of Oncology, Baku, The Republic of Azerbaijan

Gasimov Rustam Ahmed oglu ― Head of the Oncology Department of the Central District Hospital of Agjabadi; correspondence doctoral student of the National Center of Oncology

79B G. Zardabi Str., Baku, The Republic of Azerbaijan, AZ1012

 Abstract. The analysis of the incidence of malignant neoplasms in the Aran economic region in the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2018 revealed a relatively high level of morbidity in the male population in comparison with the female population, where the value of the intensive indicator was 104.20/0000 against 112.80/0000 in the female population. The highest incidence rate, exceeding region-wide, was installed in the Mingachevir for both males (641.00/0000) and for females (1079.40/0000). The highest mortality rate was found in males, where the total mortality rate for males was 83.40/0000, and for females ― 35.00/0000. The maximum value of the standardized indicator by age is for both males and females in the age group 50-59 years (33,90/0000 and 38,20/0000 respectively).

Key words: malignant tumors, mortality, lethality, standardized indicator.