I.V. Fedorov, A.N. Chugunov, L.E. Slavin, V.I. Fedorov

Kazan State Medical Academy Branch Campus of the FSBEI FPE RMACPE MOH Russia, Kazan

Fedorov I.V. ― Sc. (medicine), Professor of Department Endoscopy, General and Endoscopic Surgery of Kazan State Medical Academy Branch Campus of the FSBEI FPE RMACPE MOH Russia

11 Mushtari Str., Kazan, Russian Federation, 420012, tel. +7-966-260-40-05, e-mail: 2604005@list.ru


Introduction. Among the undesirable consequences of endosurgery, trocar complications are most significant: damage to internal organs, vessels, extraperitoneal insufflation, postoperative hernias.

Purpose of the study ― improving the method of «open» laparoscopy according to Hasson in endovideosurgical operations.

Material and methods. The authors proposed a device for fixing the first trocar in the tissues of the anterior abdominal wall due to two inflatable cuffs ― trocar pneumofixer. The method was used in 220 patients with various laparoscopic operations with good immediate and long-term results. The authors proposed a device for safe and reliable wound closure – an atraumatic needle for suturing laparoscopic trocar wounds. The tool is used when performing 120 laparoscopic operations with good near and distant results.

Results. The pneumatic fixture of the trocar allows atraumatic to achieve tightness of the abdominal cavity when performing «open» Hasson laparoscopy. Atraumatic needle allows you to safely and reliably suture trocar laparoscopic holes during endovideosurgical operations. Complications using both methods were not observed.

Conclusion. The use of trocar pneumofixer and atraumatic needle can improve the safety of laparoscopic operations, improve the immediate and long-term results of endosurgical interventions at the stage of primary penetration into the abdominal cavity.

Key words: endoscopic surgery, trocar complications, Hasson laparoscopy.