Raginov I.S.2,3,4,5 , Egorov V.I.4, Valiullin L.R.4, Safin I.R.1, Shtirlin U.G.3, Iksanova A.G.3, Khasanov R.Sh. 2

Tatarstan Clinical Cancer Center

Volga branch of N.N.Blokhin National Medical Research Centre of Oncology. 3 Kazan Federal

Republican Clinical Hospital Ministry of health Republic of Tatarstan

Raginov I.S – Head of the Department of Pathology, Republican Clinical Hospital.

Address: 420064, Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, Orenburg tract 138. e-mail: raginovi@mail.ru

To explore the methods to establish a new model of human tumor by the implantation the tumor fragment into anterior chamber of the rabbit eye. 54 rabbit, which applied with the SPF grade standard, were divided into 3 groups: sarcoma or myxofibrosarcoma + doxorubicin, adenocarcinoma + cisplatin. The model described suggests that tumor can be successfully transplanted to the rabbit eye The transplants were photographed everyday, using a staging system which estimates the tumor size. Initially the transplants increased in size. Under influence cytotoxic drug later regression of the transplants was seen. Although xenografts of human adenocarcinoma, but not sarcoma, demonstrate some adherence and vascularization After 30 day tumor was sectioned and stained immunocytochemically using vimentun antibody. The anterior chamber eye xenograft model is a clinically relevant system for the study of therapeutic agents in tumors.

Key’s word. Tumor, xenograft, therapeutic agents.