V.P. Nefyodov

Kazan State Medical Academy ― Branch of the FSBEI FPE RMACPE MOH Russia, Kazan

Nefedov V.P. ― PhD in Medical sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics of KSMA ― Branch of the FSBEI FPE RMACPE MOH Russia

11 Mustary Str., Kazan, Russian Federation, 420012, tel. +7-906-323-30-95

Abstract. The article is devoted to the jubilee date ― the 115th anniversary of the birth of Associate Professor N.I. Vylegzhanin ― Head of the Department of General Clinical Pathology of Kazan State Institute of Advanced Medical Education. The life path and scientific achievements of Nikolay Ivanovich are analyzed, and his pedagogical activity is evaluated.

Key words: N.I. Vylegzhanin, the life story of a scientist and teacher.