S.Z. Safina, G.K. Mukhamediarova, I.I. Khayrullin

Tatarstan Cancer Center, Kazan

Mukhamediarova G.K. ― senior resident of the chemotherapy department №3 of Tatarstan Cancer Center

29 SibirskiyTrakt, Kazan, Russian Federation, 420029, tel.: (843) 525-73-37, +7-927-240-57-69, e-mail:

Abstract. Chemotherapy-induced hair loss is widely recognised as one of the most traumatic side effects associated with cancer treatment. Even temporary hair loss has a negative impact on social activity, body image and can cause emotional disorders. At the present time the system for scalp hypothermia is the most effective way to prevent hair loss after chemotherapy.

From May to July 2017, the scalp cooling system to reduce chemotherapy-induced hair loss Orbis II (Paxman Coolers LLC, Great Britain) was tested in the Third chemotherapy department of Tatarstan Regional Clinical Cancer Center. During this period were carried out 21 sessions of scalp cooling to 11 patients. Success, comfort, tolerability, side effects of the procedure were evaluated. The average level of success was 45.5%. According to the survey results, the comfort of the procedure is estimated at 8.7 points, the level of acceptability is 91%. The system for scalp hypothermia Orbis II allowed to delay the time until the development of alopecia grade II-III, increase the psychological comfort of treatment, preserve the quality of life and image of patients.

Key words: сhemotherapy-induced hair loss, scalp cooling, Orbis system.