K.V. Shishin, I.Yu. Nedoluzhko, N.A. Kurushkina, I.A. Pavlov, O.V. Kylasov, E.N. Chernikova, S.S. Kazakova, I.I. Khvorova, K.A. Klyueva

The Loginov Moscow Clinical Scientific Center, Moscow

Shishin K.V. ― D. Med. Sc., Head of endoscopy department of The Loginov Moscow Clinical Scientific Center

86 Enthusiasts highway, Moscow, Russian Federation, 111123, tel.: (495) 304-30-35 (доб. 1451), +7-926-211-34-68, e-mail: k.shishin@mknc.ru

Abstract. Zenker’s diverticulum is a precancerous disease with a tumor transformation rate of up to 1%. Methods of treatment the of Zenker’s diverticulum have a long history. Now the evolution of technological approaches directed to decrease of injury surgical access that defines a priority of endoscopic technologies in use of a flexible endoscopy. Even within use of endoscopic treatment work out a new operations, in particular, use a tunnel technique. Historical stages of development surgical treatment of the diverticulum Zenker’s and the analysis of own experience of application of various options of endoscopic treatment are presented in article.

Key words: the diverticulum of Zenker’s, endoscopic treatment.