X-Ray diagnostics of cardioesophageal cancer in Chuvash Republic using multidetector сomputed tomography metod

A.N. Dmitrieva, E.L. Malchugina, L.A. Voropaeva

Republic Clinical Oncology Center, Cheboksary

Dmitrieva A.N. ― radiologist of the X-ray diagnostics department of Republican Clinical Oncology Center of the Republic of Chuvashia

31 Gagarin Str., Cheboksary, Republic of Chuvashia, 428020, tel. +7-919-678-19-85, e-mail: dmitrieva.rabota@mail.ru

Abstract. Due to the fact of cardioesophageal cancer incidence rate which has been spotted all over the world in recent years instrumental methods of diagnosis of these patients are becoming as relevant as ever. 25 patients with certain diagnosis of cardioesophageal cancer health information has been retrospective analyzed. The results of MDCT have been correlated to intraoperative results and postoperative morphological conclusion. We have concluded MDCT has a leading role to study the features of cardioesophageal cancer incidence rate, to stage the tumor according to the TNM system, which provides to chose an optimal therapeutic approach of patients at preoperative stage.

Key words: cardioesophageal cancer, multidetector сomputed tomography, staging.