О.А. Efimova

Republic Clinic Oncological Center, Cheboksary

Efimova O.A. ― Radiologist of the Republic Clinic Oncological Center in Cheboksary

31 Gladkov Str., Cheboksary, Republic of Chuvashia, Russian Federation, 428020, tel. +7-919-678-19-85, e-mail: oksanalekseevna.e@gmail.com

Abstract. Research objective is the review of literary data on statistics of ovarian cancer, the analysis of efficiency of the applied radiodiagnosis methods in a definition of a stage of pathological process before operation. The incidence and mortality of ovarian cancer accurately reflects an unsuccessful epidemiological situation in the country and in the whole world. Оnly complex radiodiagnosis with magnetic resonance imaging will define a stage of ovarian tumor before operation with high precision.

Key words: ovarian tumors, radiodiagnosis, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasonography.