I.A. Kamalov, E.F. Abdrakhmanov, R.V. Zaripov

Tatarstan Cancer Center, Kazan

 Kamalov I.A. ― Cand. Med. Sc., oncologist, doctor of ultrasonic diagnostics of the Tatarstan Cancer Center

29 Sibirskiy Trakt, Kazan, Russian Federation, 420029, tel.: +7-917-267-55-11, (843) 519-27-03, e-mail:

 Abstract. Surgery tactics, deciding on the need for veno-venous bypass or heart-lung machine during surgery for renal cell carcinoma complicated by tumor thrombosis depends on the accuracy of diagnosis of the prevalence of tumor thrombus. The present study analyzed the results of radiation diagnosis in 122 patients with renal cell carcinoma complicated by tumor thrombosis of renal vein and vena cava inferior. Of these, surgical treatment was conducted in 102 patients (63 patients of the main group and 39 patients in the control group). Diagnostic information about cancer tumor thrombus kidneys obtained at computed tomography in combination with ultrasound was more accurate (main group) than the diagnostic result obtained by using only the computed tomography (control group). Preparation and planning of surgical interventions, taking into account the results of a comprehensive reliable diagnosis, improved surgical techniques allow successful surgical treatment of patients with tumor thrombus in renal cancer.

Кеу words: kidney cancer, tumor thrombus, intraluminal, the mouth of the hepatic veins.