Clinical research and experience in oncology

A.Kh. Ismagilov, S.N. Sadygova, P.A. Kotkov, V.Yu. Mikhaylichenko, B.V. Sigua
Treatment strategy for patients with decaying breast cancer

V.I. Fedorov, M.V. Burmistrov, T.L. Sharapov, E.I. Sigal
Analysis of the results of reconstructive operations in case of recurrence of gastroesophageal reflux disease and hernia of the esophageal orifice of the diaphragm

A.A. Androsova, R.V. Orlova, M.G. Gordiev, A.K. Ivanova, N.P. Belyak, S.I. Kutukova
Determination of pathogenic somatic mutations in the structure of neuroendocrine tumors of the gastrointestinal tract

Literature review

F.Sh. Akhmetzyanov, D.A. Karimullina
Long-term functional results after gastrectomy with anastomosis based on the Gilyarovich technique (literature review)

K.R. Islamov, L.G. Karpenko, B.I. Gataullin, R.G. Islamov, I.G. Gataullin
Expression of estrogen receptors in renal cell cancer as a prognostic factor (literature review)

Rid.А. Gilfanova, Rim.А. Gilfanova, Z.А. Afanasyeva, I.N. Akhmetov
Interfacial block of the spinal extensor muscles (ESP-blockade) in the diagnosis of tumor diseases of the prostate (literature review)

Clinical case

E.G. Zubkova, M.I. Zemskova, A.Z. Almyashev, A.A. Ivashin
Spontaneous asymptomatic migration of a complex metal «stent-to-stent» type structure from the esophagus to the rectum. Literature review and presentation of own clinical observation

A.F. Nasretdinov, Sh.I. Musin, A.V. Sultanbaev, K.V. Menshikov, V.E. Askarov, N.I. Sultanbayeva, I.A. Menshikova, R.T. Ayupov
Malignant pheochromocytoma. Clinical case of hereditary pathology

K.V. Shklyaev, M.V. Burmistrov, V.Yu. Matveev
Bilateral thoracoabdominal injury (clinical case)

Organization of oncological care

A.A. Izmaylov, R.T. Ayupov, R.R. Rakhimov, O.N. Lipatov,
A.V. Sultanbaev, K.V. Menshikov
The first experience of the compounding of chemotherapeutic drugs of the RCOD of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Bashkortostan



Clinical research and experience in oncology

F.Sh. Akhmetzyanov, A.R. Vakhrusheva
Incidence and mortality of rectal cancer in the Republic of Tatarstan

I.I. Khusainova, V.Yu. Alekseeva, R.Sh. Kutdusov, A.N. Kashapova
Vulva squamous cell carcinoma. Justification of replacement inguinal-femoral lymphadenectomy with radiation therapy for early cancer

K.I. Utesheva, T.T. Valiev, K.I. Kirgizov, S.R. Varfolomeeva
Targeted therapy and cell technologies in pediatric Hodgkin lymphoma treatment

V.N. Zhurman
Immune cells of the ovarian cancer microenvironment

A.V. Sultanbaev, A.A. Izmaylov, O.N. Lipatov, A.F. Nasretdinov, K.V. Menshikov, N.I. Sultanbayeva, Sh.I. Musin, G.A. Serebrennikov
Regional experience with durvalumab in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer after radical chemoradiotherapy

Literature review

D.V. Aleksantsev, Z.Z. Mamedli, D.V. Kuzmichev, A.V. Polynovskiy, A.A. Aniskin, A.S. Gorbunova
Rectal neuroendocrine tumors: literature review

R.N. Safin, R.Sh. Khasanov
Neoadjuvant chemotherapy in the treatment of Her2-positive breast cancer in patients with an unfavorable prognosis of the disease (literature review)

I.A. Bogomolova, Yu.D. Udalov, L.A. Belova, L.A. Danilova, I.V. Kozlova, A.A. Kuvayskaya
The current status of the problem, possibilities of peripheral polyneuropathy treatment and rehabilitation of patients with colorectal cancer receiving chemotherapy with platinum-based drugs

Clinical case

I.V. Gorgan, A.E. Mayorov, R.A. Chernobay, S.N. Denisov, P.I. Skopin, Yu.A. Skopina
Breast cancer with gastric metastatic lesion (clinical case)

Sh.M. Kurmaev, S.V. Zinchenko, I.M. Fatkhutdinov, K.A. Petukhov
A rare case of Amiand’s hernia: acute gangrenous appendicitis in an unclosed vaginal peritoneum (clinical case)

A.V. Sultanbaev, K.V. Men’shikov, Sh.I. Musin, A.A. Izmaylov, E.V. Popova, N.I. Sultanbaeva, I.A. Menshikova
Possibilities of supportive immunotherapy of urothelial cancer in clinical practice

I.N. Akhmetov, Rim.A. Gilfanova, Rid.A. Gilfanova, R.A. Zefirov, S.I. Spiridonov
Anterior ultrasound-guided superior hypogastric plexus block in abdominal and pelvic pain in crohn`s disease: a case report


Hidiyatov Ilgiz R. is 50 years old

Ilgiz G. Gataullin is a well-known scientist and clinician in the field of oncology, coloproctology, 70 years old