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Clinical research and experience in oncology

M.A. Utkuzova, M.V. Belousova, V.F. Prusakov, A.A. Utkuzov
Brain tumors of children: the importance of oncological alertness and peculiarities of diagnostics from the position of pediatric neurologist

I.S. Raginov, V.I. Egorov, L.R. Valiullin, I.R. Safin, U.G. Shtyrlin, A.G. Iksanova, R.Sh. Khasanov
A novel model for study of tumor in vivo

I.V. Fedorov, A.N. Chugunov, L.E. Slavin, V.I. Fedorov
Hasson laparoscopy in prevention of troacars complications

А.A. Mitrakov, K.S. Prikhodko, N.I. Khabazov, V.A. Kryazhov
«String-to-ring» traction technique for ESD in the treatment of rectal tumors — the first experience

A.R. Khamitov, A.Kh. Ismagilov, Kh.M. Gubaydulin
Application of ultrasonic navigation at implantation port systems in the conditions of a day hospital

A.Kh. Ismagilov, I.F. Kamaletdinov
Dependence of patient’s quality of life on the method of the inframammary fold formation at the two-stage breast reconstruction

Literature Reviews

A.D. Gafiullina, Z.A. Afanasyeva
Dysfunctions of the thyroid gland on the background of medicinal therapy of malignant novelties (literature review)

G.T. Basiashvili, I.G. Gataullin, G.R. Khayrullina
Postoperative comlications during operations on the pelvic organs

Clinical case

M.S. Ramazanova, A.S. Chernyatyeva, A.S. Kopanev, A.A. Kuzmin
Epidermal growth factor inhibitor therapy for recurrent squamous cell head and neck cancer in the Kirov Region (сlinical case)

V.S. Levchenko, I.A. Kamaev, S.A. Ananyin, E.V. Grebenkina, N.A. Illarionov, E.N. Koroleva
Opportunities of photodynamic therapy in the treatment of predict and vulva cancer, recurrent volva cancer

Discussion Club

Sh.Kh. Gantsev
Is the reform of oncology training overdue?

Commentary of a professor, correspondent member of the academy of sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan, honorable doctor of Russia and Republic of Tatarstan Gataullin Ilgiz G

Z.A. Afanasyeva
Where do we go and where will we get?



A.Kh. Ismagilov, N.G. Asnina, M.B. Vasiliev, G.A. Azarov, A.A. Ovsyannikov
Preoperative prognosis based on statistical analysis of the data of metastatic lesions of regional lymph nodes in patients with breast cancer.

A.Kh. Ismagilov, I.F. Kamaletdinov
Assessment of the effective use of the inframammary fold formation methods at two-stage breast reconstruction

V.E. Fedorov, V.V. Maslyakov, M.Yu. Cheburkaeva
Postoperative complications of patients with breast cancer: their classification, risk factors, prediction

A.R. Khamitov, A.Kh. Ismagilov
Probability of lesion of the front layer of the superficial fascia in patients with breast cancer of the nodular form with flattened skin

О.N. Tsarev, V.N. Oshchepcov, S.A. Petrova
Clinical and diagnostic capabilities of biopsy sentinel lymph node in patients with breast cancer in terms of avtonomnoe state health care institution of tyumen region «Medical Complex Medical Center, «Medical city»

Anesthesiology in Oncology

A.F. Khasanov, M.V. Burmistrov, A.Zh. Bayalieva, R.Ya. Shpaner, N.A. Khasanova, S.I. Bebezov
Historical intertwining of the esophagus surgery and its anesthetic management. Early development


M.A. Khasanova, E.E. Khaphizova
Antigens of red blood cells and pancreatic cancer

Thoracic oncology

E.A. Kruglov, Y.A. Pobedintseva, V.A. Kudlachev, E.V. Philimonov, A.I. Iljin, E.V. Izmaylova, V.M. Unguryan
Introduction of minimally invasive technologies in surgery of esophageal cancer as exemplified by a regional cancer center

Organization of oncology service

A.V. Katkova, V.Yu. Mishlanov, A.N. Zhigulev
Online questionnaire for patients with lung cancer by means of an automated system “electronic polyclinic”

Experimental oncology

L.R. Valiullin, I.I. Idiyatov, R.S. Mukhammadiev, V.I. Egorov, V.V. Biryulya, A.A. Nabatov, I.S. Raginov
Effect of zearalenone and trichothecene on the viability and proliferative activity of cervical cancer cell lines (hela)

In memory of professor V.Yu. Muravyev

In memory of professor I.V. Federov


Clinical research and experience in oncology

S.N. Pamputis, A.A. Kolobanov, D.S. Pamputis
Efficiency of the one-stage and stage-by-stage parathyroidectomy by results of laboratory researches

A.V. Yarikov, A.Yu. Ermolaev, I.I. Smirnov, A.A. Denisov,
O.A. Perlmutter, A.P. Fraerman, M.Yu. Dokish, I.V. Gun’kin Metastatic lesion of the spine: diagnosis and tactics of surgical treatment

R.A. Gasymov
Morbidity and mortality from malignant tumors in the Aran economic region of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2018

S.B. Pinskiy, V.A. Beloborodov, V.V. Dvornichenko, Yu.K. Batoroev
Hereditary medullary thyroid cancer

V.A. Beloborodov, S.B. Pinskiy, V.V. Dvornichenko, Yu.K. Batoroev
Hereditary disease associated of adrenal tumours

V.G. Petrov, A.A. Nelaeva, E.G. Ivashina, E.V. Molozhavenko, K.M. Autlev, A.V. Efanov
Experience of minimally invasive treatment of acute enlargement of cysts of the thyroid gland

I.V. Tereshchenko
To the question about diagnostics gastrinom

K.S. Akperov
Acute hematological toxicity of radiotherapy for cervical cancer by use of polyradiosensitization with cisplatin and gemcitabine — trial results of Azerbaijan National Center of Oncology

Clinical case

M.V. Burmistrov, V.Yu. Matveev, M.V. Aglullina, B.A. Magomedov, M.A. Nazmiev
The case of comprehensive treatment of esophagus cancer after iatrogenic perforation

Oncology history

A.F. Khasanov, M.V. Burmistrov, A.Zh. Baialieva, R.Ya. Shpaner, N.A. Khasanova, S.I. Bebezov
The historical intertwining surgery of the esophagus and its anesthetic management, intermediate stage development


Interrupted song of Vladimir Muravyev

Clinical research and experience in oncology

L.P. Kotelnikova, G.G. Freynd, A.N. Fedachuk
The value of morphological parameters to predict the malignancy of pheochromocytomas.

V.V. Mochalnikova, A.G. Perevoshchikov, O.A. Malikhova
Prognostic factors of evaluation of the risk of lymphogenic metastatic spreading of early gastric cancer

A.F. Romanchishen, K.V. Vabalayte, F.A. Romanchishen, E.A. Tymkiv
Dynamics in prophylaxis of postoperative complications and treatment of thyroid patients in St. Petersburg Center of Endocrine Surgery and Oncology

O.A. Malikhova, L.V. Cherkess, R.S. Savosin
Significance of the endoscopic ultrasonic transbronchial punction in the diagnosis of lung cancer.

A.I. Ivanov, M.V. Burmistrov, V.A. Popov, A.A. Emelyanova, S.I. Bebezov
Analysis of life expectancy after stenting in patients with malignant pathology of the esophagus and esophageal-gastric junction

Literature review

O.A. Malikhova, I.A. Karasev, T.S. Davydkina, V.V. Vereshchak, A.G. Malikhov, A.O. Tumanyan
Intestinal microbiome and colorectal cancer. Literature review

Clinical case

A.I. Ivanov, S.V. Zinchenko, A.P. Maksimov
First experience of photodynamic therapy for treatment of patient with multiple primary bilateral central squamous cell cancer.

M.А. Busygin, R.G. Khamidullin, V.A. Chernyshev, A.N. Rudyk, F.M. Mazitova
Laryngeal metastasis from sigmoid colon cancer.


100 years of prof. Sigal M.Z. — to the founder of the Kazan school of oncologists

Innovative technologies in oncology

I.V. Myslevtsev, A.N. Andrianov, A.Yu. Zarov, V.V. Vorobyova, M.Yu. Shokurova, D.S. Burmistrov, Ya.L. Krasnaya, G.T. Mnatsakanyan, A.S. Fukalov
Implantable port-system as an optimal choice for long-term venous access.